Original Cartoons


Trump Hearts Jong Un

Trump and Jong Un – doppelgängers or soulmates?


Believe Me!

I have never lied under oath, lost a real lawsuit, or done anything illegal – believe me!


The Statue of Trump-erty

The Statue of Liberty as Embodied by Trump…


Your wealthy white men

with the hot wives,          

Yearning to wash their money clean,  

Only your BEST people –    

Not your rapists or whores.

 Send these –  your uber rich,  

                                          To pledge loyalty to me.  

                                          Bring money,                                                                                              

                                          I’m hungering for more.



Ivanka in Putin’s Chair

What’s the big deal? This chair belongs to my daddy’s friend – jealous?



I don’t need to know how to govern. I know how to steal – believe me!


Trump’s Solution to Personnel Problems

Your loyalty to me – extremely important;  my loyalty to you – not so much.

Trump’s Russian Money Trail

What trail of Russian money are they talking about? I don’t see it. Believe me!



Trump Blows Up the First Amendment

The 45th President of the United States


DJ and Putin and the Kleptocratic Dictators’ Club czaitz©8/9/17

“Follow my lead DJ, I can get you into the Kleptocratic Dictators’ Club.”


Russian Hacker Zhirinovsky – Actual Quote   czaitz©4/18/2017

“I was doing it for the money. But now I fear I’ve put the whole world in danger.”