jerry (falwell) ‘n pat (robertson)

Jerry (falwell)  ‘n pat (robertson)

jerry ‘n pat

jus’ chewin’ the fat

of who they can blame for the terror

jerry hates all

‘n pat‘s just as small

‘n they claim that THEIR God has deserted

’cause queers are allowed

to live life outloud

in this country founded on freedom

‘n ole’ pat ‘n jerry

are pretty darn scary

’cause they talk like they know what God’s thinkin’

‘n if God hates his creatures

because of some features

he gave them all to begin with

then nothing makes sense

‘n there’s no evidence

that Jesus would stand for such mischief

He invited the outcasts

the hated and downcast

to join Him in worshipful living

He taught us to love

to accept everyone

so we’re stuck in a sticky situation

we gotta love pat ‘n we gotta love jerry

even though they hate every last fairy

at the end of the day

come what may

loving is harder than hatred


czaitz © 9.22.2001