Thank You, Anti-Teacher Trump

(The video for this one will be on its way shortly)

I’ve had a lot of anti-teachers over the past sixty years who’ve taught me who I do not want to be. They worsened my insecurities and often brought me to tears, and when I left them behind I felt free. But you, dear Trump, are the absolute best of the anti-teachers I have known, and I wonder if you’ll betray all your friends and family, and wind up on your own.

Thanks to you I’ve realized I do not want a dictator, but in order to have democracy I cannot be a spectator.  Our silence helps you ignore all those who aren’t dictators or billionaires and at least this way,  by speaking out, I can keep from feeling despair.

You’ve given me a mission to speak up in spite of my fears about how your decisions are affecting us. Do you care? Can you hear? There are so many destructive things you’ve done that you’ve taught me not to do. So I would like to take a moment to share those things with you.

You’ve encouraged fear and isolation so that we won’t come together; we’re much easier to control as a nation when we’re fighting with each other. You’ve shown us how divided  this country is right now and to heal this problem what we really need is deep listening and real know-how.

You’ve shunned the professional journalists who try to find the truth and brought in conspiracy peddlers who will gladly promote you. But you want to silence all voices raised in dissent – change the constitution and kill the First Amendment.

You keep trying to distract us from the interference by the Russians by accusing the investigators and shifting the discussion. I guess we took for granted that our presidents would protect us vigorously, but you keep trying to kill our health care and cut taxes on those with the most money.

You’ve alienated our closest allies but cozied up to our enemies, and greatly entertained us with your vengeful tweeting tendencies. You seem to get all worked up and lash out recklessly on Twitter; you regularly inspire me not to become vindictive and  bitter.

Oh, and firing the qualified people but promoting the corrupt ones leads your staff directly into chaos. And making faces and having tantrums might capture our attention but it makes you an ineffective boss.

You’ve shown me the value of honesty with all of your constant lies. Inspired me to be a better patriot – not a Putin lover in disguise. Your job is to protect us but your wallet’s more important, so you’ll poison our air and water and give the polluters your endorsements?

Some Americans still want to believe that what you say is true; but we can easily tell it’s not when we look at what you do. You’ve demonstrated how empty promises can hurt those who trust you, and left many Americans feeling betrayed – their hopes dashed and bruised.

So thank you for the desperate soul searching we’re all having to do, and all that angry protesting, that’s also thanks to you. You’ve motivated millions to speak out and strangers to unite; we’re not going away quietly, we will put up a fight!

Yes, you dear Trump, have been the unsurpassed best of all the anti-teachers I’ve ever  known, and I sincerely wonder if at the end of your presidential mayhem  you’ll wind up in jail and all alone.  

Thank you, anti-teacher Trump!

czaitz©June 2017