On Trump’s Sexual Misconduct

More than 15 women claim that you sexually assaulted them, and your reply was, “It’s all lies.” But you said you grabbed them by the genitals, and you said, you stuck your tongue down their throats; and when you talked to Billy Bush, what you did was gloat.

You bragged about doing whatever you want because you can get away with it. Your lawyer said you didn’t accost them – they weren’t attractive enough.  You said, “Take a look, you take a look, I don’t think so, I don’t think so.” You made no apologies – just let the insults flow. You told Billy Bush you’d grab them by the pussy – your excuse later: it was locker room talk. You disrespect women over and over; honestly, we’re shocked. And now that you’re our president, you just won’t quit denigrating women without remorse. What women need is equality; what we’re getting from you is coarse.

You defended Ailes, and you defended O’Reilly. You insult the weak and protect the mighty, but we deserve better from our president. Women deserve better from our president. We struggle for equality, in our homes and workplaces; often live in poverty, and get judged by our faces. So many women experience, sexual assault, but we’re afraid to report it. When somebody hurts us we could be told, “It was all your fault.”

You have power, Mr. President, to do some real good. Sexual assault is not okay, so why not think about what you say, instead of being so crude. That’s bad. That’s really bad, because when you shame women you’re really shaming yourself.

And remember, Mr. President, you are creating a legacy, establishing your credibility, going into history, and people will remember the truth of what you do.

Regardless of alternative facts the truth is still the truth. Your actions have consequences, and even your bills will come due. Yeah, even your bills   will come due.

3.18.2017 © Cynthia Zaitz, Ph.D.