The Art of the Steal

My anti-Trump political satire book is available as a paperback from Amazon–here is the link.

The Art of the Steal

It is also available in kindle format.

Introduction To The Art Of The Steal!

by Cynthia Zaitz, Ph.D.

When Donald Trump’s Id contacted me in a dream and begged me to help him write a book in which he could tell the world exactly what he thinks about things, I realized it was a great opportunity for me to tell the world exactly what I think about Trump. His Id was sad because he didn’t have a name, so I suggested he call himself ‘Aimon Niddy Ott’ and told him that it meant ‘strong golden god’ in ancient Gaelic – he loved it. 

For the most part what I have written is based on fact, and I have included a resource section because, unlike our current president, I believe in the value of doing research and fact-finding in order to get as close to the truth as possible.

I left most of what Aimon dictated intact in order to get a better sense of what drives him on a core level, except for his constant swearing, which got on my nerves. What I discovered is that Trump seems to be driven by ideas and beliefs that aren’t connected to reality, and of which he’s not consciously aware. I also discovered that he probably lacks a Super Ego (a moral compass); Trump’s morals actually appear to be quite fluid and dependent upon whatever will bring him the most money.

Because Aimon doesn’t read, he’s unaware that I inserted some of my own unflattering writings, opinions, and cartoons. I guess you could call this a lopsided collaboration – particularly because, as the editor, I had final say over what was included in the book.

I tried to listen to Aimon without too much judgment – to try to follow his strange logic. While I do feel the process gave me a little more empathy for Trump’s crippling fears, it also deepened my belief that America is being led by a morally bankrupt man who: is completely ruled by greed and irrational beliefs, thrives on controversy and public attention, is hyper-sensitive to criticism, has a strong desire for vengeance for petty grievances, and has a narcissistic ego that insulates him from reason. This does not bode well for democracy.