Of Moon and Madness – 2008 Original Music and Choreography

Of Moon and Madness




here is a child of moon and madness

this is a spirit of dance and light

and dark and light and spiraling push me

spiraling drop me pushing you into

and out of the light of the moon


here is a child of poignant frustration

pregnant with pauses impossibly spent

on nonsense now incensed by miscalculations

misunderstood for standing out under and

howling and yowling and sprawling and crawling

out under the dark of the light of the moon


here is a dance of motion and stillness

fervently wishing for meaning and space

rhythmically calling on rhythm m m

rhythm m m rhythm m m me

I come running from under the music

and over-the-top of the sound of my heart

beating ever so quickly

you hold it so gently in hands lined with fur


czaitz © 8.27.2008 Delray Beach