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Podcast: Dementia and Dying

Scar (Trailer) – a Film Directed by Alberto Carlos Peart about PTSD

Scar (Short Film) – Directed by Alberto Carlos Peart with Original Music/Soundtrack by C.Zaitz

Of Moon and Madness – Original Music and Choreography by C. Zaitz

Cynthia Zaitz, Ph.D. Dissertation

Remaking Reality – Eroding the Palimpsest

Artist’s Commentary for Remaking Reality
The painting portrayed on the cover of this issue is called Alcheme 1 because it represents the alchemical/autobiographical process that occurs during creative acts and because it is the first in a series of alchemists who are both instigators and recipients of positive transformational forces.  This palimpsest incorporates Maori symbols in the dreamscape to the alchemist’s left — mirroring the abstract and creative right brain; and objects forming in the material realm  to the alchemist’s right — mirroring the more literal left brain. The Maori words working inside the retort, “Kia kaha, kia toa, kia manawanui,” translate to “commit, persevere, and be patient.”
czaitz  Auckland, New Zealand, June 2008