Cynthia Zaitz, Ph.D.

Interdisciplinary Artist:

Composer, Performer, Writer, Artist, Political Activist   

Here is a link to her anti-Trump                                                                                   political satire book:                                                                                                                                                                                                          The Art of the Steal


As a teacher, I strove to support my students in making good choices.   If I saw a student doing something dangerous or destructive I would redirect them — I see the current political situation as both dangerous and destructive and am committed to speaking out in order to affect positive change.

  • My MISSION is to add my voice to those who are already speaking out against the current negative political situation in America by crafting carefully researched MUSIC and ART that provokes thought and encourages positive action.

  • My VISION is to inspire people to examine the current situation more carefully and to present my work via live performances, rallies, protests, film, publications, TV, and the Internet.